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college application admission essay pay someone to write my research paper writing a college application essay about yourself Whether you’re listening to music or making calls, you rely on your iPhone’s speakers a lot. But what can you do if you think your iPhone speakers are not working? How can you fix your iPhone speakers? And how can you make sure they’re clean and not affected by water? Call us now!

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How can you tell whether the problem is your speakers (i.e. more likely to be a hardware issue) or with volume? Before we run through some fundamentals, try to narrow down where the problem is. Plug in your headphones. If you can hear music through them but not when you unplug them, there’s likely something wrong with your speakers.
There could, of course, be numerous reasons why your iPhone speaker isn’t working, so let’s start by checking through a few basics. Make sure your iPhone isn’t on Silent—that’s the switch to the top-left of your device. If it’s positioned towards the back of the device (showing orange), move it so it’s nearer to the screen. You should also check it’s not connected to any other device. If you have Bluetooth activated, calls can divert to a hands-free unit in your vehicle or through AirPods. Go to Settings > Bluetooth to see a list of connections.
This can be quite a headache, but isn’t as intimidating as you might have heard. During a call, hold your device away from your face so the screen lights up. Tap the Speaker icon in the upper-right of the grid. This will let you participate in a conversation without your iPhone being held to your ear. If you’re connected to a separate speaker through Bluetooth, a pop-up menu will appear, allowing you to select where you want the call taken.
Even the smallest bits of dirt can be detrimental to your smartphone. In some cases, dust can affect volume or, if in the headphone port, trick your iPhone into thinking it’s connected to an external device. It’s vital you keep all parts of your phone clean, but also that you take great care in doing so. Remember that you’re dealing with sensitive equipment here.